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Terms & Conditions

I. All payments must be made in US Dollars.

Credit cards are accepted for both Domestic and International Orders and include major credit cards, major bank debit cards. There is a net of thirty (30) days available to businesses, schools, and agencies with an approved open account for payment for domestic orders (prior approval required).

All international orders require a credit card verification process on new customers prior to shipment of order. Payment via net thirty (30) days may be allowed for companies with three references from within the U.S. (prior approval required). There is a $10 banking fee on all orders outside North America. You can also wire funds to our bank via Prepaid Wire Transfer. (Please contact us for routing information: Contact Us ) You will be notified with your total amount that includes shipping charges and a $25 wire transfer fee which will be added to your invoice. Stock for your order will be reserved for only 48 hours while awaiting available funds. If funds are not received after 20 business days the order will be cancelled and the customer will be responsible for any and all duties and taxes applicable to that order.

II. All customers agree to pay the entire amount of their invoice from Jayso Electronics Corp. according to the terms of such invoice. All orders are subject to credit checks which at anytime may be subject to requiring payment(s) in cash, bank wire transfer. Jayso reserves the right, if believed under reasonable circumstances, that the customer may be impaired or has failed to pay an invoice when due, to suspend or cancel any order until the remaining balance is paid. Customers are responsible to pay for any product(s) ordered and already shipped.

The date of collection of a check is deemed the date of payment of the invoice. Any check received by Jayso may be applied toward payment of any past due invoice owed by the customer regardless of noted reference on the check. This payment by check will not nullify Jayso’s right to continue to collect past due balance owed by the customer. Any past due invoices will carry interest until the date of payment at an annual rate of eighteen (18%) percent. If the customer fails to make payments by stated due dates, Jayso reserves the right to pursue any legal remedies towards its reimbursement of costs including any and all applicable collection and attorney fees accrued during the collection process. There is a $35.00 service charge on all returned checks.


Jayso will charge and collect all Federal, State and/or Local taxes when required by law. These taxes are separate and in addition to the price of the purchased product and will be added at the end of the customer’s invoice. Jayso must receive a valid signed tax exemption or resale certificate in advance, in order for the customer to be considered tax exempt.


All shipment and transportation costs sent out by Jayso are owed by the customer in addition to the price of the product at the time of purchase. Once products have been passed onto the specified carrier for delivery, product responsibility transfers to the customer. This includes all titles and risk of loss of such products. Shipment and delivery schedule will be orchestrated to the best of Jayso’s ability as per the customer’s request. All delivery dates provided are estimates by the specified carrier and Jayso excludes itself from any liability for failure to deliver on such estimated dates. The carrier will be chosen solely by Jayso unless specified otherwise by the customer who will then be completely responsible for any dues owed by that carrier. Jayso will not be responsible for alternative carriers’ difference in rates.

Jayso reserves the right to back order necessary products in the event of low stock from within our warehouse. If back ordered and delivered in installments, shipments will be completed as soon as stock is filled to Jayso’s standard. Any installment or backordered deliveries will be done in a timely fashion (thirty (30) days). Shipments received by the customer in any quantity other than that ordered require acceptance of delivery and payment of such products delivered at that time with an understanding of a duty to complete payment of the invoice of any installments to be delivered.

Manufacturer's Warranties

Most warranties on new equipment are limited to that which has been established by the manufacturer of such product. In the event that Jayso accepts damaged products and the manufacturer determines the damages to be caused by the customer, any deposits with Jayso will be applied thereof to the cost of repair at the sole discretion of Jayso Electronics. Jayso may assist dealers/customers in the repair or return of products under warranty. However, Jayso bears no responsibility for these products or there warranties according to the manufacturer.