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Jayso Electronics


Jayso aims to provide top of the line electronics at affordable prices and guarantee reliable customer service. By following our belief that every consumer has the right to our industry knowledge and experience, Jayso ensures that the customer’s best interests are our priority. We will provide fast, efficient service and delivery to all. It is also our purpose to make otherwise hard to get or expensive electronics available and affordable. We stock a wide range of general electronics parts and accessories from the most common and widely used to the more specific and obscure. Whether you are inexperienced with electronics or are a bona fide technician, we will make sure to provide you with the valued service you deserve.


Jayso Electronics Corp., was established in 1957. We are a family run business, now in it’s third generation. When Jayso first started, we offered TV/radio parts and accessories to the trade. As the years progressed, in a constantly evolving market, Jayso adapted with the times. Our inventory soon expanded to include a wide array of items with a concentration in security, surveillance and LED lighting. The one thing that remains unchanged is our dedication to customer satisfaction.

We have more than fifty-seven years of experience in the electronics and security industry. One stop shopping for security, surveillance, and electronics is what we do best. As experienced distributors with proficient knowledge of the commercial and residential security business, we guarantee our best efforts to provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Jayso has proven to be one of the most successful New York City businesses within it’s field. We at Jayso are proud of our reputation. A reputation that implies excellence in everything we handle, including our impeccable attention to detail and friendly representatives, who are always ready to help.