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Audio/Video Modulator, Channel 6, with Saw Filter, Blonder Tongue BAVM-860SAW/6-Home Theater & Audio-Blonder Tongue-Default-Jayso Electronics

Audio/Video Modulator, Channel 6, with Saw Filter, Blonder Tongue BAVM-860SAW/6


BAVM-860SAW/6 Blonder Tongue Channel 6 Audio/Video Modulator
with Saw Filter 

The Blonder Tongue BAVM-860SAW Is an Economical Commercial Quality TV Modulator. It Provides a +55 dBmV RF Output on CATV Channel 6. The BAVM-860SAW Is Ideal for Placing A/V Program Sources Such as Satellite Receivers, VCRs, DVDs, Cameras or TV Demodulators Onto Standard 6 MHz NTSC TV Channels for Broadband Distribution. The BAVM-860SAW Features IF SAW Filtering with Built-In FCC Group Delay Pre-distortion Assuring Excellent Adjacent Channel Performance and Color Operation. The Modulator Complies with FCC 21006, with +/- 5 KHz Visual Carrier Stability and Required Frequency Offsets on All Aeronautical Channels. For BTSC Stereo Applications, a Field-Defeatable Audio Preemphasis Network is Provided Making the BAVM-860SAW Compatible with Any Outboard Stereo Generator that Provides a Composite Baseband Output. A -30 dB Output Test Point and All User Controls Are Provided On the Front Panel.

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