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4 Camera Analog DVR Kit - Indoor/Outdoor, Day & Night (IR), Hi-Res, with Smartphone and Web Access-Security Cameras & Recorders-Jayso Electronics-Black-Prepared Cable Option-Ball Camera-Jayso Electronics

4 Camera Analog DVR Kit - Indoor/Outdoor, Day & Night (IR), Hi-Res, with Smartphone and Web Access

$399.00 $471.45

4 Camera Analog DVR Kit
  Indoor/Outdoor, Day & Night (IR), Hi-Res, with Smartphone and Web Access
Model: JDVRK-4ABC1

Product Description:

The JDVRK-4ABC1 is a 4 Camera Analog DVR Kit that comes with everything you need to get a CCTV system up and running. Included in the kit is a 4 Channel Hybrid DVR which can be used with both Analog (CVBS) and Digital Cameras (TVI/AHD). In addition, the JDVRK-4ABC1 comes with 4 Hi-Res 900TVL Weatherproof Day & Night (IR) Ball Cameras, available in either black or white*.

You then have the option of either receiving either Prepared Cables, for tool-free set-upor Custom-Length Cables, allowing you to create personalized cabling for any situation. Also included is a 6ft HDMI Cable to connect the DVR to a TV or HDMI compliant monitor. Both cable options come with a Regulated 4 Camera Power Supply @ 12VDC 10A and 4 x 2.1MM DC Plug with Pigtails, providing reliable power to your CCTV system. 

After installing your JDVRK-4ADC1 kit, you can configure your DVR and Camera settings through the easy-to-use DVR Software, or by using the provided PC or Smartphone (Android/iPhone) applications**. Through configuration, you can set-up your DVR and cameras for either 24/7 Recording, Motion Detection Recording, or a Custom Recording Configuration that best suits your needs. With the included 1TB HDD, you can store approximately 2 Weeks using 24/7 Recording*** or up to a month utilizing Motion Detection Recording***.

With the Smartphone Application, available for either Android or iPhone, you can connect wirelessly to your camera system from anywhere in the world, allowing you to watch your cameras live or edit your DVR/Camera Configurations.

Individually, this kit would cost $471.45 but bundled together, the JDVRK-4ABC1 is only $399.00! A savings of over 20%! With the 4 Channel DVR, 4 900TVL Ball Cameras, and the cable and power accessories you need, this DVR kit is a fantastic CCTV solution for both commercial and residential applications.

 Quick Specs:

All JDVRK-4ABC1 Kits Include the Following:

  • 1 x 1TB Hybrid (CVBS/TVI/AHD) DVR 
  • 4 x Weatherproof Day & Night (IR) Ball Cameras (@900TVL)
  • 1 x 6' HDMI Cable
  • 1 x 4 Camera Regulated Power Supply (12VDC 10A)
  • 4 x 2.1mm DC Plug with Pig Tails
    • Prepared Cable Option Includes:
      • 2 x 100ft Siamese Cable
      • 2 x   50ft Siamese Cable
    • Custom Length Cable Option
      • 1 x 500ft Pullout Box Siamese Cable (Power/Video)
      • 10 x BNC Connectors 
      • 4 x 2.1mm DC Jack with Pig Tails

Full Specs:


*The kits either come with all black OR all white cameras. If you would like to mix and match camera colors, feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to work with you!
** The PC Software is included on a CD-ROM included in the DVR Box. The smartphone application for the DVR is called "SuperLivePlus" and can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android).
*** 24/7 Approximate recording time is based off of 4 Cameras @ 900TVL/30FPS. Motion Detection Recording is based off of 4 Cameras @ 50% activity.


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